With nearly a quarter of British households owning a dog, they are the nation's favourite pet - but this isn't always reflected in the way some are treated. Here we follow the RSPCA officers who, committed to the rescue and welfare of man's best friend, are tasked with investigating reports of cruelty and neglect.

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-08

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies - The Dog Rescuers - Netflix

The Dog Rescuers, (sometimes known as The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies) is a British television programme that followed the work of animal charity RSPCA, specifically their work rescuing dogs. As of 2018, there has been six series of the show broadcast on Channel 5.

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies - The Kitten Rescuers/Jo Brand's Cats & Kittens - Netflix

On 28 December 2016, Jo Brand presented a one-off episode entitled “The Kitten Rescuers” on Channel 5. In 2017, it was turned into a series renamed as “Jo Brand's Cats & Kittens” it began airing on 14 November 2017 for a six-episode run until 19 December 2017.

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies - References - Netflix