Evan "Bullet" James and his team of crisis drug interventionists are tackling the war on drugs, as they search, locate and transport troubled young people to rehabilitation. These teens and young adults come from all walks of life; some being gang members, others have resorted to prostitution, many live on the streets while others grew up as the boy or girl "next door." Bullet and his team, "The Extractors", go beyond the typical intervention process. Standard interventions take place in a safe and planned location with family and close friends. Extractions can take place anywhere, anytime, and the team of extractors never know what or who is behind the closed door housing the troubled individual. Extractions are used when individuals are in dangerous, life-threatening situations and must be taken out of harms way immediately!

The Extractors - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-17

The Extractors - Extracted - Netflix

Extracted, also known as Extraction in the UK, is an independent 2012 American science fiction thriller directed and written by Nir Paniry. Sasha Roiz stars as a scientist whose consciousness becomes trapped in the mind of a convict (Dominic Bogart) who volunteered to be a part of an experimental procedure.

The Extractors - Production - Netflix

The budget was $100,000. During development, the script was rewritten to keep costs down. Director Nir Paniry wanted to make a science fiction film that depends more on story than budget and was inspired by Primer. Roiz was cast after his starring role in Caprica. He stated that Paniry was open to any suggestions, and the film was a collaborative effort.

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