Drama about the charismatic Dr Patrick Stowe and the private fertility clinic that he runs. Four couples turn to him for help in making their dreams come true.

The Family Man - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2006-03-23

The Family Man - Family Man (Black Flag album) - Netflix

Family Man is the third full-length studio album by the American hardcore punk band Black Flag. Released in 1984 through SST Records, it features spoken word tracks by the vocalist Henry Rollins and jazz-indebted instrumental tracks. “Armageddon Man” is the only track on the album in which Rollins and the instruments are together. The album, along with Jello Biafra's recordings with the Dead Kennedys, is credited for introducing “alternative” spoken word to a larger audience.

The Family Man - Music and composition - Netflix

The album features one LP side of spoken word performances from Henry Rollins and another of instrumental music from the Black Flag lineup of guitarist Greg Ginn, bassist Kira Roessler and drummer Bill Stevenson. AllMusic's Pemberton Roach, who described the record as Black Flag's most “experimental”, compared the spoken word material to Jim Morrison's works on live The Doors releases. AllAboutJazz's Trevor Maclaren stated: “It opens three points of interest: Rollins as the Beat Poet—sort of—the stoned dirge influence of Black Sabbath, and the instrumental jazz driven metal/punk that Ginn would utilize after dissolving Black Flag.” Maclaren also added: “The distorted guitars and atonal feedback of players like Sonny Sharrock and James Blood Ulmer reign supreme in a sludgy Black Sabbath riff.”

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