The Glory of Tang Dynasty follows Consort Shen who was known as "the wise and true empress" during the Tang Dynasty (and only honored as Empress Dowager after her supposed death), wife to Emperor Daizong of Tang and mother of Emperor Dezong. After being captured by rebels during the Anshi Rebellion in 759, she disappeared and was announced as deceased in 805, despite multiple attempts to locate her. During those years, many women came and pretended to be the missing Consort and were all declared as fakes.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-29

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Consort Shen (personal name unknown) (disappeared 759), formally Empress Ruizhen (睿真皇后, literary meaning “the wise and true empress”), was a Tang Dynasty woman who served as a consort of Emperor Daizong of Tang (Li Chu) while he was the Prince of Guangping under his grandfather Emperor Xuanzong and father Emperor Suzong and the mother of the future Emperor Dezong (Li Kuo). She was captured by the rebel Yan forces during Anshi Rebellion, and although Li Chu regained her at one point during the war, was lost again later during the war. Despite efforts by Emperors Daizong and Dezong to locate her after the war, they were never able to find her. She was finally declared deceased by her great-grandson Emperor Xianzong in 805.

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It is not known when the future Consort Shen was born, but it is known that her family was from Wuxing (吳興, in modern Huzhou, Zhejiang) and that her clan was a prominent clan in the area. r father Shen Yizhi (沈易直) had, at one point, served in the imperial government as Mishu Jian (秘書監), the director of the Palace Library. Toward of the end of Emperor Xuanzong's Kaiyuan era (713-741), she, as the daughter of a reputable household, was selected for the palace of Emperor Xuanzong's son and crown prince Li Heng, but was from there further given to Li Heng's oldest son, Li Chu the Prince of Guangping. She was not designated Li Chu's wife—and neither was any other consort of his, including the most prominent one, a Consort Cui whose mother was the Lady of Han, a highly honored woman at court due to her status as the sister of Emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine Consort Yang Yuhuan. She gave birth to Li Chu's oldest son, Li Kuo, in 742.

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