Si and Dave have undertaken a nationwide search for Britain's lost recipes – those forgotten gems or secret scribbles handed down through the generations – to help create a massive database of tasty and achievable recipes.

But it's also a call to arms; the series aims to bring together grannies, mums and daughters who love to cook, to ensure that these precious historical documents of our shared national cuisine are preserved for the future.

At the heart of each programme is the Mums Know Best Recipe Fair, an event suffused with nostalgia for village fetes of your childhood, crossed with the Hairy Bikers' extraordinary range of international influences. It's a space for mums to swap their favourite recipes, cookery anecdotes and tips. Curated by Food Historian Gerard Baker - a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme - all the invited guests are asked to bring along their favourite family recipes and cooked examples. He and his team compile them for the Mums Know Best Recipe Board for the other mums to copy down.

The Hairy Bikers: Mums Know Best - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-05

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