The Matty Johns Show was pitched as a family-friendly variety show based on the National Rugby League (NRL) competition. It is primarily aimed at New South Wales and Queensland audiences (in which NRL is the dominant football code). The show features many comedy sketches, recurring characters and celebrity interviews in a variety format.

The Matty Johns Show - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-25

The Matty Johns Show - The Matty Johns Show - Netflix

The Matty Johns Show was an Australian variety television show largely focused on the National Rugby League (NRL) competition, starring former rugby league player Matthew “Matty” Johns. It first aired in 2010 on Thursdays at 7.30 pm in New South Wales and Queensland, on the Seven Network. The show usually ran for 1 hour. It was produced by Matty Johns and John Singleton. The show's rugby league content was directly comparable to The Footy Show, produced by the Nine Network, which has been on air since 1994. The Matty Johns Show was described as a “smut-free”, more family-friendly version of it. The Matty Johns Show also featured interviews, music and character-based skits. Portions of it were co-hosted by Shane Webcke, Jason Stevens and Chloe Maxwell. The house band, Aston, gained attention for their arrangements of popular music, using classical instruments. The show's first season in 2010 rated strongly, and was compared favorably to The Footy Show by critics. It had been criticised for lacking serious football analysis, but had also been praised for its typically Australian character-based sketches. The Controversy Corner segment of the show was briefly spun off as a standalone Sunday morning program during the 2010 NRL finals. The Matty Johns Show did not return in 2011.

The Matty Johns Show - Comparison with The Footy Show - Netflix

The Footy Show is a variety show based on the National Rugby League (NRL) competition, broadcast weekly by the Nine Network. The rugby league component of The Matty Johns Show is directly comparable to The Footy Show, and The Matty Johns Show has been described as a “smut-free” version of it. Being on the Seven Network, The Matty Johns Show cannot incorporate NRL footage (the rights to which are currently held by the Nine Network, and put to use on The Footy Show). The Matty Johns Show is not sanctioned by the NRL, while The Footy Show is. The main cast of The Matty Johns Show was initially not invited to the 2010 Dally M Awards night (an annual ceremony to honour the best NRL players of the year), while the cast of The Footy Show was invited. Johns said of the snub, “...with the politics going around and with the rights coming up, and with Seven being an integral part of the NRL getting the money they are after, it's a little surprising that Seven weren't extended an invitation.” Matty Johns and his team were belatedly invited. Johns reacted to the incident by appearing at the awards night in character as Harry Hardman, and attempting to interview Footy Show regulars for his program, in spite of the fact that they were contractually forbidden from appearing on his show.

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