For the first time in over a decade, Erik Menendez opens up with his most in-depth interview to date in The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All, a new documentary series that re-examines one of the most fascinating true crime tragedies of the past century through the lens of one of the convicted killers. This riveting series includes extensive phone interviews with Erik as well as rare emotional footage, never-before-seen photos and new interviews with prosecutors, law enforcement, close family, friends and medical experts that chronicle the story you thought you knew.

The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-11-30

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This is a list of characters that have appeared or been mentioned on the American ABC soap opera General Hospital.

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Cody McCall (deceased) (Stanley Kamel, 2003–04) Father of Danny McCall. Adoptive father of Sam McCall. Ex-husband of Evelyn Bass. Stated to be the descendant of historical figure Jack McCall, assassin of Wild Bill Hickok. Posed as a butler to the Cassadine family. Con artist who taught Sam the same skills. Was hanged by his former business partner in the tunnels at Wyndemere Castle.

Kent Murray (Mark Hamill, 1972–73) Nephew of Jessie Brewer. Brother of Caroline Murray.

Siobhan McKenna (deceased) (Erin Chambers, 2010–11) Daughter of Thomas McKenna and Shannon O'Reily. Sister of Fiona McKenna and Meghan McKenna. Married to Lucky Spencer. Killed by Anthony Zacchara.

Todd Manning (Roger Howarth, 2012–13) Former One Life to Live character. Part of the Lord family. Identical twin brother of Victor Lord Jr.. Ex-husband of Blair Cramer and Téa Delgado. Father of Starr Manning, Jack Manning, and Danielle Manning. Was held captive for eight years, while his brother Victor took his place. Owner of the newspaper, The Port Charles Sun.

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