The Met: Policing London is a documentary series filmed over the course of a year. The cameras follow officers from Britain's biggest and busiest police service as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims all over London.

The Met: Policing London - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-08

The Met: Policing London - Organisation and structure of the Metropolitan Police Service - Netflix

The Metropolitan Police Service of Greater London is organised into four main directorates, each with differing responsibilities. These are Territorial Policing, Specialist Crime & Operations, Specialist Operations and six civilian staffed support departments under the umbrella of Met Headquarters. Each is overseen by an Assistant Commissioner, or in the case of a support department a director of police staff which is the equivalent civilian grade. The Management Board, responsible for the strategic direction of the MPS is composed of the senior police leadership including the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, the four Assistant Commissioners (for Specialist Crime & Operations, Territorial Policing, Specialist Operations and Professionalism) and the directors.

The Met: Policing London - Forensic Services - Netflix

Responsible for providing an on call, forensic science capability for the 32 Borough Operational Command Units, along with the rest of the Service. Within the Command several smaller units exist, such as; Forensic Investigation Specialist Crime Directorate, which deals with forensic science capabilities on crime scenes that are within the remit of the SCD, such as homicide and armed robberies. Also responsible for the collection and archiving of fingerprints, made up of people currently living in the UK. Along with providing good clearance certificates to members of the public, who wish to travel to countries that require a good behaviour certificate before they are authorised to enter.

The Met: Policing London - References - Netflix