A Chicago cop finds a huge green-skinned mutant lying on the street. Suffering from amnesia, the mutant joins the Chicago police force to battle evil mutants lead by the mysterious Overlord and tries to uncover his own identity.

The Savage Dragon - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1995-10-21

The Savage Dragon - Savage Dragon - Netflix

Savage Dragon is an ongoing American comic book series created by Erik Larsen, published by Image Comics and taking place in the Image Universe. The comic features the adventures of a superheroic police officer named the Dragon. The character first appeared as Dragon in Graphic Fantasy #1 (June 1982) and first appeared as the “Savage Dragon” in Megaton #3 (February 1986). The Dragon is a large, finned, green-skinned humanoid whose powers include super-strength and an advanced healing factor. He is also an amnesiac: his earliest memory is awakening in a burning field in Chicago, Illinois. Thus, for most of the series, the origins of his powers and appearance are a mystery to readers. At the beginning of the series, he becomes a police officer and battles the mutant criminal “superfreaks” that terrorize Chicago. Savage Dragon is one of only two Image Comics titles that debuted during the company's 1992 launch that continues to be published well into the late 2010s, and the only one of the two that for most of its run, has been written and drawn almost entirely by its creator (with the exception of one issue), for which Larsen has been lauded. Savage Dragon is the longest running American full-color comic book to feature a single artist/writer. The character was also adapted into an animated series, which ran for two seasons (26 episodes) on the USA Network beginning in 1995. Savage Dragon was listed by Wizard as the 116th-greatest comic book characters of all time. IGN also listed Savage Dragon as the 95th-greatest comic book hero of all time stating that he has the trappings of a great comic book hero.

The Savage Dragon - S.O.S. years - Netflix

Behind the scenes during this period, Rob Liefeld departed from Image Comics. The Mars Attacks Image event and the Shattered Image crossover were used as a way to phase out characters created by Liefeld from the collective “Image Universe”, including Youngblood. In the pages of the Savage Dragon, Larsen has the Dragon approached by the United States government to form a superhuman task-force to replace Youngblood. After negotiations, the team is dubbed the Special Operations Strikeforce, or S.O.S. This team includes much of the super-powered supporting cast of the book, including Jennifer Murphy, a super-strong, invulnerable single mother first introduced in The Savage Dragon: Sex & Violence mini-series. Despite being the founding member of the team, the Dragon spends little time as a member. Later, on a dying parallel Earth, a murderous despot named Darklord begins to swap parts of his earth with parts from the Dragon's. The Dragon leads a team of S.O.S. members, including Jennifer Murphy and his former girlfriend Rapture, to this world to stop Darklord. Rapture is killed by Darklord, and the Dragon and Jennifer are separated from the rest of the team. While the remaining members of S.O.S. manage to stop the transfer and escape back to their own Earth, the Dragon and Jennifer are forced to find their own way off of the dying planet. While they make their escape, Dragon attempts to find this Earth's Rapture, only to find that world's Debbie Harris instead. The threesome are lost in space for some months, and Dragon is once again presumed dead, eventually landing on Godworld, where Debbie dies but is revived as an angel. Dragon and Jennifer are caught in a battle between Thor and Hercules, and then sent back to Earth by All-God; Debbie does not return with them. Following this, Dragon fights a Dr. Doom-like armored dictator before returning to Chicago on leave and striking up a casual sexual relationship with his former partner Alex Wilde. In giant-sized issue 50, many of the series sub plots are resolved, and in a climatic battle among most of the series cast, the Dragon is killed by the mystic Abner Cadaver; however, the wizard is murdered midway through this by William Jonson, and the Dragon is bonded with him.

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