Seo Young Ji was raised in poverty and worked hard to better herself. After saving enough money, she went to a plastic surgeon as she thought changing her looks may give her a better future. Beautiful surgeon Jeong Ah Mi asked Seo Young Ji for a favour to go on a date with Kim Jun Woo as her as she isn't interested in him at all. Seo Young Ji agrees and goes to him under false pretense, but little did she know that their blind date was a success.

Choi Do Kyeong was raised in poverty and is eager to climb socially. He does his best to find a rich person to marry and that's why he rejected Seo Young Ji before.

The Secret Lovers - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-08-29

The Secret Lovers - Beautiful Secret - Netflix

Beautiful Secret (Chinese: 美丽的秘密) is a 2015–2016 Chinese television series starring Victoria Song and Peter Ho. It aired on Hunan TV from 21 December 2015 to 12 January 2016. The drama achieved the highest average viewership ratings for the first half of 2016 in China.

The Secret Lovers - Synopsis - Netflix

The love story between music producer Guan Yi and aspiring singer Jiang Meili, who hides a shocking birth secret.

The Secret Lovers - References - Netflix