Young Kyosuke Date is suddenly stabbed by his mother and left for dead in a cathedral. Kyosuke is buried alive, but is soon dug up by a mysterious girl. He then searches for answers to why his mother stabbed him, looks for a long lost sister, and also tries to find answers to why he is able to transform into the superhuman mutant, Soul Taker.

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The SoulTaker - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2001-04-04

The SoulTaker - The SoulTaker - Netflix

For the unrelated Soul Taker film starring Joe Estevez see Soultaker (film). The SoulTaker (The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜, Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~) is an anime series that focuses on Kyosuke Date who was killed by his mother, and afterward gained the ability to turn into a monster known as “The SoulTaker”. The show was Tatsunoko's first attempt at a more adult (even by Japanese standards) series. There is a spin-off OVA featuring Komugi, Nurse Witch Komugi. It is somewhat similar to Pretty Sammy, but shares more in common with Puni Puni Poemi.

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This thirteen episode-series produced by Tatsunoko Productions and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, premiered on the Japanese television network WOWOW on April 4, 2001 and ended on July 4, 2001. Two days after the last episode aired, North American anime licensor Geneon Entertainment USA had licensed the series and released it on 4 volumes on DVD and VHS. In 2004, Geneon had re-released the series under their Signature Series label. It originally aired in the United States on TechTV as part of Anime Unleashed, and later aired on G4 after the TechTV merger.

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