Unlike any other competition reality series, the contestants receive their cash prize up front - literally, one ton of cash. The only catch is, if they want to keep it, the contestants will need to haul it from Los Angeles to Las Vegas over some of the most rugged and tortuous terrain on earth. Tensions run high at every checkpoint where there is always a possibility of losing cash if the team does not work together. With time and dynamic personalities working against the team, each contestant will need to go through a battle of wits and determination to prove he or she deserves to win the one million dollar prize. "Ton of Cash" shows you must be careful what you wish for and, if granted, you must be willing to carry its burden.

Ton of Cash - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-08-17

Ton of Cash - Ton of Cash - Netflix

Ton of Cash was a show on VH1 that premiered on August 17, 2011. It was hosted by Dhani Jones. The show centered on a group of contestants trying to haul $1,000,000 from L.A. to Las Vegas. It premiered on prime time but was moved to Thursday mornings at 2AM Eastern timeslot after the premiere due to low ratings.

Ton of Cash - Episode Progress - Netflix

(WINNER) The contestant won Ton of Cash.     (SAFE) The contestant was not up for elimination.     (SAFE) The contestant was the Financial Advisor and saved themselves from elimination or got all the money on time.     (NOM) The contestant was the Financial Advisor, was automatically nominated for elimination, and was chosen as the Safe Investment.     (NOM) The contestant was nominated for the elimination by the Financial Advisor but was chosen as the Safe Investment.     (BTM 2/3) The contestant was nominated for elimination by the Financial Advisor, but won the Prove Your Worth challenge.     (OUT) The contestant was nominated for elimination by the Financial Advisor, and lost the Prove Your Worth challenge.     The contestant was a member of the Black Team in the Episode 6 challenge.     The contestant was a member of the Red Team in the Episode 6 challenge.     The contestant was a member of the Blue Team in the Episode 6 challenge, survived the Prove Your Worth vote, and won the Prove Your Worth challenge.

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