Follow the booze-fueled misadventures of three longtime pals and petty serial criminals who run scams from their Nova Scotia trailer park.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 23 minutes

Premier: 2001-04-22

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The following is a list of characters featured in the Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys.

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Ray LaFleur (previously Flower) (Barrie Dunn) is Ricky's irresponsible possible dad also. Although he is not Ricky's biological father, he still cared for Ricky for the majority of his life. His wife Tammy left him after Ricky was born. At first this was explained by Lahey, claiming it was due to him fathering Ricky and having an affair with Tammy. However, after it was revealed Lahey was not in fact Ricky's father, Tammy's departure was never clarified. His parental involvement with his son was lax, but their relationship is strong. He often calls people “bud” or “buddy”, even if he doesn't like them, saying “Because I don't like you, bud” to Lahey or “Fuckin' love you, buddy” to Ricky. Ray was a truck driver prior to the start of the series, but he lost his license after he crashed his truck into a post office while drunk. Since then, Ray has been on Disability fraud living off workman's comp., claiming that he suffered a crippling muscle spasm that renders him unable to walk. He spends most of the series in a wheelchair until he is exposed and imprisoned in Season 5. While in a wheelchair he constantly referred to himself as “the guy in the chair”. From his truck-driving years he has acquired the habit of urinating in jugs, which he leaves around the trailer park. Ray claims to be a Calvinist, although his understanding of Calvinism (and of Christianity in general) is quite limited; the main appeal of Calvinism is the concept of predestination, which he misinterprets to mean that he need not account for his irresponsible actions. Ray drinks heavily and is addicted to gambling, especially playing video lottery terminals. He usually brushes off bad situations with “the way she goes” and “it's the way of the road”. In Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It Ray seemingly died as the result of an explosion at the dump where he lived, but it was later revealed that he performed a life-insurance fraud scam and is actually alive and living in a Florida dump. Like Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, Ray's surname was never spoken on-screen. However, in Season Eleven, when Julian and Bubbles are trying to determine whether or not Lahey is Ricky's biological father, they discover that Ray's last name was “Flower”, which he later changed to “LaFleur” because of the other truckers' habit of mocking his last name.

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