Ramiro is the leader of a fishing village in Fortaleza, Ceará. Married to Serena, the companion of all hours, the father of two children, Cassian and Azucena. The guy is her boyfriend of Delilah, daughter of Ramiro's close friend, Samuel, also a fisherman, husband of Esther, who has another son, David, a young man who graduated doctor but is ashamed of his humble origins.

Leticia is the daughter of millionaire Gaspar Velazquez, a man who left the company in the hands of her daughter to enjoy life. At home, Leticia facing relationship problems with their children, Victor and Amanda. Widow and charming, she seeks a new direction for her love life. Suitors abound, as the gallant Francois, eyeing her beauty and fortune. To win her, he has the help of Franchico a tremendous pick with a mission: to join Leticia and Francois.

But Leticia is balanced with the reunion with Ramiro, the great passion of his life, which will trigger a series of conflicts, such as dating from Victor, the son of Leticia, a boy with serious psychological problems, with the sweet Azucena, the daughter of Ramiro.

Tropicaliente - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 1994-05-16

Tropicaliente - Márcio Garcia - Netflix

Márcio Garcia Machado (born April 17, 1970) is a Brazilian actor, television host, writer, producer and film director.

Tropicaliente - Biography - Netflix

Márcio started his career at MTV, but in 1994 he moved to Rede Globo. He was a host of a children's show called “Gente Inocente” (Innocent People). From 1997 to 1999 he represented “Video Show”, a show about television, artists and ecc. After 10 years at Globo TV, he went to Rede Record where he was a host of “O Melhor do Brasil” (The Best of Brasil). His contract expired in 2008 and he decided not to renew it. Glória Perez invited him in her new telenovela named “Caminho das Indias”, in which Marcio played his first part as a protagonist. Márcio is married to Andrea Santa Rosa and they have three children: Pedro, Nina and Felipe.

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