A sequel, of sorts, to Camberwick Green but set in the larger, nearby town of Trumpton. Each episode opens with the town hall clock and ends with the fire brigade band playing. Every show tells the story of one of the townsfolk.

Trumpton - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1967-01-03

Trumpton - Trumpton - Netflix

Trumpton is a stop-motion children's television series from the producers of Camberwick Green. First shown on the BBC from January to March 1967, it was the second series in the Trumptonshire trilogy, which comprised Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley. Trumpton was narrated by Brian Cant, and animation was by Bob Bura, John Hardwick and Pasquale Ferrari. Scripts were by Alison Prince; all other production details were identical to Camberwick Green.

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Unusually, Trumpton Fire Brigade has two theme songs. The first, commencing with the famous roll call of firemen's names, accompanies every turnout of the Brigade; the second, ending every episode, forms the habitual tune played by the Brigade at the Thursday band concerts. The Fire Brigade appears in every episode. Captain Flack always has a speaking part, as do Fireman Grubb in episode 1 and Fireman Cuthbert in episode 10. In episode 4 the Mayor states “I can't think what Trumpton would do without its Fire Brigade”. Captain Flack - the Fire Brigade's commander. Fireman Pugh - half of the Pugh twins. Fireman Pugh - half of the Pugh twins. Fireman Barney McGrew - the elderly driver of the fire engine, whose eyes are always closed. Fireman Cuthbert - the AWP operator; his theme song is 'I like the robin's merry song'. Fireman Dibble Fireman Grubb

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