Turbulence of the Mu Clan is a story that happened in Naxi, Yunan. During the reign of Mu Chieftain, Mu's family members were fighting with each other for the power. Actress Qiu Cixuan played A Leqiu, the hostess of Mu Family. She came to Mu Family over 20 years and had her reprisal hidden deep in heart. However it never changed her as a pure and kind woman. She was in love with the heir of Mu Family but being forced to give up. They were trying to commit suicide because of the separation. At the very last moment, she changed her mind and saved his life. After undergoing all kinds of tribulations, she finally married Mu Zeng. After that, she had to deal with variety of challenges from different people and power. Eventually, she lead Mu Family out of hardship and earned their trust and respect. With reprisal being solved, she also became the head of Mu Family. It is a legend of a woman's love and hatred.

Turbulence of the Mu Clan - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2012-06-20

Turbulence of the Mu Clan - Abdallah ibn Amir - Netflix

Abdallah ibn Amir (Arabic: عبدالله بن عامر‎) was a governor of Busra (647–656) and a notably successful military general during the reign of Rashidun Caliph Uthman ibn Affan. His father was a maternal uncle of Caliph Uthman, thus making Abdallah a cousin of Uthman. He is well known for his administrative and military prowess; his campaign of reconquest and pacification of former territories of the Persian Empire has left a legacy of Islamization in both Iran and Afghanistan.

Turbulence of the Mu Clan - Re-conquest of Fars - Netflix

The Persian province of Fars was conquered during the reign of Caliph Umar. During Uthman’s reign the province broke into revolt like other Persian provinces. Uthman directed Ibn Amir to crush the rebellion activities. He accordingly marched with a large force to Persepolis; the city surrendered and agreed to pay tribute. From here the army marched to Al j bard, where a small resistance of Muslims had captured the city, and citizens agreed to pay tribute. Thereafter the Muslim force advanced to Jor. The Persians gave battle but they were defeated and the city was captured by the Muslims. Peace was made on the usual term of the payment of Jizya. While the Muslim army was still in Jor, Persepolis again broke into revolt; Abdullah ibn Aamir took the forces to Persepolis and laid siege of the city. After a violent battle the Muslims were able to regain the control of the city once again. All leaders among the Persians who were guilty of instigating the revolt were hunted out and executed. With the fall of Persepolis, other cities in Fars also submitted unconditionally. The Uthman’s appointed governor of Fars, after analyzing the situation, sent Islamic missionaries to various cities of the region to convert the people to Islam to avoid a revolt in future, as the cause of revolt was the spirit of nationalism in Persians and discrimination of Persians by Arab rulers.

Turbulence of the Mu Clan - References - Netflix