"Two Men in a Tinnie" is an entertaining four-part series in which our two present day pioneers, John Doyle and Tim Flannery, unravel the secrets of Australia's greatest river system for a broad television audience. John Doyle is a city boy who's never been to the outback. His mate, Dr Tim Flannery, is one of Australia's leading scientists who knows the bush like the back of his hands. For years, they have been taking boating trips together but until now their expeditions have been confined to exploring the nooks and crannies of the Hawkesbury River aboard the Bismarck, Tim's 3-metre aluminium 'tinnie' that has only been sunk once - by John.

Two Men in a Tinnie - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-09-19

Two Men in a Tinnie - Musa Cerantonio - Netflix

Robert “Musa” Cerantonio is an Australian Islamic preacher, accused of trying to join the Islamic State.

Two Men in a Tinnie - Philippines 2012-June 2014 - Netflix

In 2012 he was again approached by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation officers. After a few months, ASIO started pushing Cerantonio for more information. According to Cerantonio, they ordered him “Tell us who’s up to no good, I know you know who they are.” "We can make a lot of trouble for you based on those talks you give,” An ASIO officer threatened to cancel Cerantonio’s passport should he not co-operate. Cerantonio temporarily agreed with ASIO’s demands, but then fled to the Philippines under the pretext of visiting his brother. His brother was in Manila, but Cerantonio traveled to Mindanao. While in Mindanao, during fighting between the Philippine Army and the Moro National Liberation Front, his apartment was bombed by warplanes. In February 2014, while in the Philippines, he married Joan Montayre, a 32 year old designer, and moved to an apartment in the Cebu province. In June 2014, on Twitter Cerantonio claimed he was in Syria. He was branded by Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop as a fraud,“He said he was fighting in Syria and Iraq, but he was holed up in the Philippines.” Cerantonio says the tweet was posted to throw the police off the search. “I gave a friend access to my account, and the Australian Government knows I did not write that.” In July 2014, he was arrested in the central Philippines city of Lapu-Lapu and taken to Manila. Cerantonio claims he was denied access to a lawyer by Warden L’rev J. Del Cruz. :The warden was telling inmates not to talk to me because I was a terrorist,” he says. After two weeks in detention he was deported to Melbourne without charges. In October 2014, he condemned the Letter to Baghdadi as a “letter of ignorance and disbelief”.

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