"United States of Animals" is a fast-paced and fun new series that takes you on a fascinating journey across the United States. Part travelogue, part wildlife adventure...this is a fact-filled field guide driven by the wild, the weird and the "wow" of animals in our own backyard. This is not your grandfather's natural history show.

United States of Animals - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-29

United States of Animals - List of zoos in the United States - Netflix

This is an incomplete list of existing, reputable zoos in the United States. For a list of aquaria, see List of aquaria in the United States, and for a list of nature centers, see List of nature centers in the United States. Zoos are primarily terrestrial facilities where animals are held in enclosures and displayed to the public for education and entertainment. Animals may be bred, as well, to maintain captive populations and kept under veterinary care. These facilities include zoos, safari parks, animal theme parks, aviaries, butterfly zoos, reptile centers, and petting zoos, as well as wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves where visitors are allowed. Zoos in the United States show great diversity in both size and collection. Many are notable for ongoing global wildlife conservation and captive breeding efforts, especially for endangered animal species.

United States of Animals - New Mexico - Netflix

Alameda Park Zoo, Alamogordo Albuquerque Biological Park, Albuquerque American International Rattlesnake Museum, Albuquerque Hillcrest Park and Zoo, Clovis Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park, Carlsbad Rio Grande Zoo, Albuquerque Spring River Zoo, Roswell Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Candy Kitchen Wildlife West Nature Park, Edgewood

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