A humorous story of a sassy young girl He Tian Xin who dresses up as a boy. Tian Xin meets Emperor Zhu Li and Zhang Zhe San, who later become friends with her. Little by little both the Emperor and Zhe San have fallen love with Tian Xin, creating a funny yet troubling love triangle.

Unruly Qiao - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2011-06-29

Unruly Qiao - Sando (official) - Netflix

Sando (alternately Sanduo, San To, Sadowo; Chinese: 三多; pinyin: Sān Duō; Mongolian: Сандо; 1876-1941) courtesy name Liu Qiao ( 六橋) was a Qing dynasty and later Republic of China civil servant who most notably served as the 62nd and last Manchu Amban (昂邦 ; Resident Commissioner) of Outer Mongolia from 1909 to 1911. Although ethnically a Mongol, Sando's aggressive implementation of Beijing ordered reforms, including increased immigration of Han Chinese to the area and a rapid buildup of a sinicized military to fend off growing Russian influence, aggravated Mongols and precipitated moves by Khalkha nobles to declare independence from China in 1911.

Unruly Qiao - Delegation to St. Petersburg - Netflix

Sando's forcefulness was one factor in the decision of Mongolian nobles, among them Prince Tögs-Ochiryn Namnansüren, Da Lam Tserenchimed, and Mijiddorjiin Khanddorj, with the blessing of the Jebstundamba Khutuktu, to send a delegation to St. Petersburg in 1911 to seek Russian backing for Mongolian independence from China. In a letter to the Russian government, the Mongolian delegation accused the Qing of aggressive colonization of Outer Mongolia, creating Chinese administrative units, weakening the power of local Mongolian government institutions, and replacing Mongolian garrisons with Chinese troops along the Mongolian-Russian border. They proclaimed their intention declare independence to save their country from the fate of overt colonization by ethnic Chinese as suffered by their Inner Mongolian kinsmen. On learning of the Mongolian mission to Russia, the Qing government instructed Sando to investigate. Sando immediately summoned the head of the Khutukhtu’s ecclesiastical administration (Ikh shav’), the Erdene Shanzav Gonchigjalzangiin Badamdorj, and demanded an explanation. Badamdorj, pleading that he had not been involved, revealed the entire plot to Sando, who then demanded that the Khutuktu withdraw his request for Russian troops. The Khutuktu agreed, provided that Sando dismantle the New Administration. Sando cabled to Beijing for instructions, and was told that parts of the New Administration could be delayed. The moment was ripe for conciliation. Sando chose to bully instead. He ordered the princes in Urga to sign a statement that only a few individuals had been responsible for the appeal to Russia. The princes did give such a declaration, but only orally. Sando then ordered the Mongolians to have no further contact with the Russian consulate, threatening in case of disobedience to bring an additional 500 troops to Urga and to arm the Chinese population in the city. He posted sentries around the Khutuktu’s palace with orders to bar Russian visitors. And he sent a contingent of troops to the Russian-Mongolian border to intercept the Mongolian delegation to Russia on its return.

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