Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: None

Via Annemie - Planet Pop Festival - Netflix

Planet Pop Festival has been an annual festival of dance music performed by the Building Records label, which has involved dance music artists of international radio stations in Brazil each year. The show, which had its first edition in 2003, only had one Brazilian submission, with the international group Lasgo playing the opening show. The event had not yet been termed “Planet Pop Festival” during the first year, but was named thus in 2004. The location of the show has been the Via Funchal theatre, located in Vila Olímpia of São Paulo. The events for the festivals from 2004-2009 are described below.

Via Annemie - 2005 Edition - Netflix

In the second edition of the event, there was notable greater care of the production of the stage set. But at the same time, there were many complaints from the public about the low sound that was issued by amplifying boxes, and the fact the lighting in Via Funchal was very intense for virtually every show. This event occurred on 7/8 April 2005, and the event was less public than the previous edition. The 2005 event repeated the attraction of Italian DJ Ross, Magic Box and Erika and brought the German DJ Jan Wayne, responsible for hits “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “More Than a Feeling”. Charlene (Germany) was also present. A key attraction of the evening was The Underdog Project, from Germany. The 2005 edition marked the debut of Daytona at a big event. Another project led by Tibor Yuzo wrote a song exclusively for the event called “The Butterfly”. The Dalimas also played.

Via Annemie - References - Netflix