Vidiots features pairs of comedians watching and commenting on some of today's hottest music videos and even the occasional throwback. Everything's a target as they take hilarious shots at the videos, the artists and each other... in a fun-loving way, of course.

Vidiots - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-07-20

Vidiots - Geoff Westen - Netflix

Geoff Westen is an American musician, songwriter, artist, producer and graphic designer. He was a member of the seminal San Francisco rock group The Other Half with guitarist Randy Holden and was subsequently a founding member of Epic Records' recording group C.K. Strong with lead singer Lynn Carey. Recording as The Balls in London, he released the single “I Love The Balls” on Towerbell Records, and the follow-up release “I Never Dress Right” under the name The Scoop. As a graphic designer, Westen designed the album cover for Steely Dan's album, Aja. As a songwriter he co-wrote “Lovin' You,” a solo single for Shocking Blue singer, Mariska Veres and “Leather Boots” recorded by Alice Cooper on the album Flush the Fashion. The album was distributed by Warner Bros. Records in 1980 and re-released on Rhino Records in 2011. Since 2002 he has released six albums on Disturbing Music. The pop albums, The Pigs Oink! was named by as one of the "Top Indie Albums of 2006, Vidiots Tune In! was released in 2008 and I'm Not Crazy in 2015. His rock/ambient instrumental albums are Xmas Vol. 1 in 2003, Birth in 2004 and Activate in 2011.

Vidiots - Performer - Netflix

The Other Half GNP/Crescendo Records – 1966 C.K. Strong Epic Records - 1969 The Balls/The Scoop Towerbell Records - 1981 Digital Activity Xmas Vol. 1 Disturbing Music – 2003 Digital Activity Birth Disturbing Music - 2004 The Pigs Oink! Disturbing Music - 2006 Vidiots Tune In Disturbing Music - 2008 Activate Disturbing Music - 2011 I'm Not Crazy Disturbing Music - 2015

Vidiots - References - Netflix