Type: Talk Show

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2002-01-11

Villa Politica - Één - Netflix

Één (English: one, stylized as één) is a public Dutch-language TV station in Belgium, owned by the VRT, which also owns Ketnet, Canvas and several radio stations. Although the channel is commercial-free, short sponsorship messages are broadcast in between some programmes. Één focuses on drama, entertainment, news and current affairs in a similar vein to BBC One in the United Kingdom. The station was formerly known as VRT TV1 until the current Één branding was launched as part of a major station revamp on 21 January 2005, with a look created by BBC Broadcast. Één is considered to be the equivalent of its Walloon counterpart, La Une, the first channel of the Belgian Francophone (French-speaking) broadcaster, RTBF.

Villa Politica - Continuity - Netflix

With its sister channel Ketnet, Één was one of 21 stations in Europe to utilise in-vision continuity presentation. Four regular staff announcers (as of January 2014) were presenting in-vision and out-of-vision links from lunchtime until around midnight or in the early hours (if necessary) each day. The last team of announcers was composed of: Andrea Croonenberghs (senior announcer) Geena Lisa Peeters Eva Daeleman Saartje Vandendriessche The in-vision presentation was ditched on 26 July 2015. Since that day, it is replaced by out-of-vision continuity.

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