Keyaki Academy private school, the homeroom of Year-3 class-C. As the students arrive the find the remains of their homeroom teacher, Tokuyama Daigorou, and the group descends into chaos. "He might still be alive", "Can anyone do CPR?" The students find a knife on his back and confirm his death. This will look bad, we have to hide it. Shit, there's no time. "He might fit in there," one girl says, pointing to an area inside the classroom. "He might not be found there!" "Will he fit" "Maybe if you cut off his hands and legs..?" The bitter, callous female students of this class. A strange school life begins as the students work hard to hide the presence of their teacher's corpse in their classroom. Other teachers from the Academy, their homeroom teacher's wife, his mistress, police, and reporters... One-by-one they visit the classroom and the students face the risk of being discovered. Is it possible to continue to hide it?! And who was it who killed him?!

Who killed Tokuyama Daigoro? - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-16

Who killed Tokuyama Daigoro? - Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai - Netflix

“Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai” (世界には愛しかない, There is only love in the world) is the second single by the Japanese girl idol group Keyakizaka46. It was released in Japan on 10 August 2016 on the label Sony Records. The song was used as the theme song of their mystery and comedy drama Tokuyama Daigorō o Dare ga Koroshita ka? (徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか?, Who did kill Daigorō Tokuyama?) that premiered on TV Tokyo on 16 July 2016. The center position in the choreography for the title song is held by Yurina Hirate. The single was number-one on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, with 323,066 copies sold. It was also number-one on the Billboard Japan Hot 100.

Who killed Tokuyama Daigoro? - Music video - Netflix

The choreography for the title track was created by Takahiro Ueno. The music video for it was directed by Kazuma Ikeda and shot in Hokkaidō.

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