In Wild Australia with Ray Mears, Ray delves into the spectacularly diverse Australian landscape to look at some of the weird and wonderful life forms that are able to live and survive in the land Down Under.

From the expansive waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the vast wilderness of Arnhem Land, to the teeming Cooper Creek billabongs and the ancient heartland of the rainforest, each episode sees Mears explore the dramatic physical geography of the region, the extreme weather conditions that occur there and the wildlife species that have adapted to survive in those environments.

Wild Australia with Ray Mears - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-25

Wild Australia with Ray Mears - Ray Mears - Netflix

Raymond Paul Mears (born 7 February 1964) is an English woodsman, instructor, businessman, author and TV presenter. His TV appearances cover bushcraft and survival techniques. He is best known for the TV series Ray Mears' Bushcraft, Ray Mears' World of Survival, Extreme Survival, Survival with Ray Mears, Wild Britain with Ray Mears and Ray Mears Goes Walkabout.

Wild Australia with Ray Mears - Books - Netflix

The Survival Handbook (1990) The Outdoor Survival Handbook (1992) Ray Mears' World of Survival (1997) Bushcraft (2002) Essential Bushcraft (2003) The Real Heroes of Telemark: The True Story of the Secret Mission to Stop Hitler's Atomic Bomb (2003) Ray Mears' Bushcraft Survival (2005) Wild Food by Ray Mears & Professor Gordon Hillman (2007) Ray Mears Goes Walkabout (2008) Vanishing World - A Life of Bushcraft (2008) Northern Wilderness (2009) My Outdoor Life (2013) Out on the Land: Bushcraft Skills from the Northern Forest (2016)

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