A ferry. A train depot. An ice cream factory. With imagination, tenacity and a few bucks, people have turned the most unlikely places into personal palaces. Meet gutsy visionaries who found beauty in dilapidated commercial spaces, turning them into wonderful one-of-a-kind homes on You Live in What?.

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-03-16

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You and What Army are an English four-piece band formed in 2007, originating from Telford. It consists of David Brown (vocals, synthesizers, sampling, turntables), Kieran Charles Smith (vocals, guitars), Jamie Hancox (bass, backing vocals) and Zak Hammond (drums, percussion). Although they are predominantly a rock band, they combine several different musical styles into their sound and are mainly influenced by heavy metal and electronic music. In 2010, You And What Army played at Download Festival, T in the Park, Sonisphere, Underage Festival and Hevy Music Festival and toured with Kids in Glass Houses and Boys Like Girls. You and What Army has also performed with Hadouken!, Chase and Status, Tempah T, My Passion, Goldie Lookin Chain, Dave McPherson and Silent Descent. Brown runs the YouTube channel 'boyinaband' where he has made music tutorials, skits and videos involving the band, although he now largely creates vlogs and content centred around personal interests (including music). He has also collaborated with other YouTube creators. Brown has a career as a producer, specialising in electronic and metal music. Smith previously performed under the alias 12 Story Fall as a singer-songwriter. Now as Kieran Smith, he has released an acoustic album, Rooted. They are also the winners of the Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2010.

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